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45 Wally D Making Progress Feb. 1 2014

Construction update….


The past couple weeks have been busy on the Construction scene here at Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley, despite weather swings.    Actually, overall, January has treated us quite well in that department.

The house at Wally D is rapidly progressing, and I am amazed each and every work session at how much is accomplished by our volunteers.   In addition to our Wednesday work crew, we now are scheduling a regular Saturday session for those who want to participate.

The house is in “dried-in” stage, and the windows and doors will soon be installed to the exterior walls, giving us an out-of-the-weather place to work should conditions degrade.   With the blue-board applied to the exterior of the house, we can now frame up the garage as well.

We also have some more critical repair projects in our near future for which there will be a need for volunteer help.    Please keep posted as to the scheduling for these.

Lastly, our Playhouse project is rapidly nearing it’s deadline of mid-February.   The T-Rex playhouse is really taking shape, and we are excited to see it’s final form!

So much for this report….stay in touch for future updates.   Construction in Montana in January…you got to love it!

– Mark Baker, Construction Supervisor

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