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Construction Update January 2014

January 2014…Happy New Year, Construction update


The Christmas Holiday season saw us closing up shop on the jobsite, but not before we set all the trusses on the Wally D house.   We couldn’t have asked for a better day, weather-wise, and a good turn out for the crew.   With the next couple weeks off, things have been rather quiet for the volunteers that make up the local Wednesday crew, and I hope all have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.

Now, the first week into the new year, will find us back at the job, taking care of blocking, sub-facia, and finally sheeting the roof….working hard at getting “dried-in”.

In addition to the house at Wally D, I have begun construction of the T-Rex skull playhouse at the shop at the Habitat office, one of the two playhouses that we have decided to do for the SWIMBIA Playhouses on Parade.    The other playhouse is being in conjunction with the Belgrade Schools, which will be the benefactor of 70 percent of our total ticket sales for both houses.   This is one of the ways we, at Habitat, are giving back to the community.

Weather permitting we still plan to finish the critical repair project we began in November in West Yellowstone very soon, as well as a couple other projects in the works.

I am in the process still of organizing a Saturday work crew for the Wally D jobsite….as well as anyone interested in doing any of the critical repair projects we have committed to.   If you are interested, please email me at and pass on your contact info and interest so that I can get you on my list.   Also, you can call the office and speak with Theresa.

Stay warm and safe….

Mark Baker, Construction Supervisor

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