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Deconstructing for Progress

De-Constructing….for progress!

During mid-July, while temps soared into the upper nineties, fate found our Habitat team and an energetic group of young volunteers and their supervisors, gathering along the banks of the Shields River, on the Foster ranch, north of Livingston.

Our reason for meeting in this beautiful setting was to carefully dis-assemble a home that Jim Foster had graciously donated to our cause, in hopes that we could benefit in whatever way would help us the most.   Plain and simple, and without going into detail, the house had to be taken down, as moving it was not an option.

We were fortunate to have the Mish-pack group from Wisconsin here for this particular week, as we needed their youthful enthusiasm tempered by mindful supervisors, in order to pull off such a project.   For 5 days, the teens and their leaders, toiled in the hot sun, carefully pulling up flooring, siding, roofing, fixtures, doors and windows….and everything including the kitchen sink….for re-sale in the Habitat Re-Store.

The effort resulted in three large trailer loads, and two box-van payloads full of bounty….most of which sold almost immediately upon landing at its destination in Belgrade.  Much needed funding for future projects and homes is generated in efforts like this, as well as through donations to be sold in our Re-Store.

The Re-Store and Gallatin Valley Habitat are the winners resulting from the toils of these young volunteers, who “earned” their subsequent week of frolicking in the Montana Wilderness immediately following the tasks.

Many thanks to the youth’s of the Mish-Pack, their supervisors, and to Jim Foster for his consideration of Habitat in his generous donation.


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