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Jeans Room

Jean—a young lady who has been supported by her family for 14 years. Being carried up and down stairs. Getting help with personal hygiene members and paid staff helping to stimulate her world by keeping her engaged through eye contact, touching, and pictures. You see Jean has Rett Syndrome—a developmental disorder that is seen in early childhood and more often in girls. Rett Syndrome turns on and off brain functions thus limiting speech, hand use and walking ability. The most significant impact is that Rett Syndrome impacts the body’s ability to program one’s self to perform everyday bodily functions. Jean, like others with Retts, has difficulty breathing, grinds her teeth, suffers from impaired sleep patterns, has abnormal muscle tone, scoliosis/kyphosis, growth retardation and small feet and hands.


Habitat is working with a group of community members who have brought their skills and desire together to help Jean have an improved qualify of life. With a room attached to her parent’s house she can have the adequate care she needs. The ability to bath without being carried up 13 flights of stairs; having someone need by while she sleeps; having the medical equipment, diapers, and oxygen close by so that caregivers can immediately response to her needs.


Habitat and the Emigrant community have set a goal of raising $50,000 to build the addition onto the house. Money is needed to pay for the foundation, lumber, etc. so that family does not have to worry about carrying a mortgage or going deeper into debt…but to have money for Jean’s on-going medical needs.. By getting the $50,000 donated we can build the addition with bathing facilities, storage space, large windows to continue to stimulate Jean . A ramp will be attached to the addition so Jean can be taken outside to enjoy Montana’s beauty that we all love.


All donations are to be made to Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley, Inc., and please state that they are for Jean’s Room. We will use these funds solely for Jean’s Room. Please consider making a donation now so we can continue to build Jean’s Room.


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