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Playhouses on Parade 2015!


Come check out all the playhouses at the SWMBIA Expo March 21 & 22!

Tickets are being sold for $5 each at our booth during the Home Expo. These playhouses are a MUST SEE!!! If you have kids and a space for a playhouse but don’t have hundreds of dollars to buy one, this is a great chance to win one!  And for $5 a ticket, you can’t lose!

Click on this link to see all the playhouses! 2015 Playhouses Poster-Alpha Graphics

For more information on purchasing raffle tickets for the playhouse contact our office at 406-388-8225.

Click on the link below to see the article written and published at Livingston Enterprise.

2015 Playhouse on Parade's HfHGV and Park High's Saber-Toothed Tiger!

2015 Playhouse on Parade’s HfHGV and Park High’s Saber-Tooth Tiger! Sandbox in the mouth of this prehistoric creature!

Back Side (skull cavities) where kids can climb in and on!

Back Side (skull cavities) where kids can climb in to explore the cavity of the skull and peek in on friends playing in the mouth/sandbox!

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