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Progress on 45 Wally D

Construction Report, October 21, 2013


The past week saw little change in the status of work done at “Wally D” lane, as we waited for sub-contractors to “catch up”.    We did see the site backfilled, and a trench dug for a residential light.  

Those same sub-contractors are working this week, to “rough-in” the plumbing ahead of the necessary cement work, and I will be meeting with our flatwork contractor as well, to make sure all is ready for him to finish this critical portion.   As soon as this is done, we will be going forth with pounding nails and creating sawdust towards the end goal of a house.

While we were idle at the site, several of us attended and completed the classroom portion of certification in Skid-steer competency.  Fred Operman, Fred Haas, Scot Stambaugh, and myself attending this SWMBIA sponsored function and all learned something in the process.  

Please keep logged on and “in touch” with our front office and Habitat facebook page for future updates in the Construction progress and also for any new news we can pass on to you!  

Thanks so much for caring….

Mark Baker, Construction Supervisor

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