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Progress Report Construction on 45 Wally D November 30th, 2013

Construction update….November’s end.

We closed out the month of November with steady progress on the house on Wally D Lane.   Currently, we are awaiting truss delivery so that we can schedule in a crew to help us set them. 

In the meantime, we will bide our time with little things…completing the rest of the interior framing details, and sheeting the outside of the structure, of course, weather permitting. 

The week before last found myself, Lou, and David Magistrelli….along with three volunteers – Fred, Bruce, and Mike – on a three-day assignment to West Yellowstone to work on one of our Critical Repair projects.  The plan was to complete building trusses, setting them, sheeting and roofing a trailer house in dire need of added protection.   We got all of it done, except for the roofing, as the tin order did not come through in time.   We will have to make a one day return trip to complete that portion in the very near future.   Still, I was very happy with the work we got completed.  

Another very important Critical Repair project in the works and coming up soon will be the installation of new wood siding on a trailer in 4-corners.   We will keep you posted on those plans….again, weather permitting.

We hope all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving, and can stay happy and healthy going into the Christmas season! 

– Mark Baker, Construction Supervisor


Construction Update….11-14-13


Construction at Wally D Lane has progressed to the point of framing the house, with the completion of the concrete work.    We have had a good turnout the last two Wednesdays with our “local” crew, and thus far both decks are completed, and some of the pre-framed walls done this past summer are already standing.   Framing is always a satisfying part of the job, as work completed seems to always make an impression of progress.  

One note-to-self….if we keep having such good turnouts, I will have to get more donuts, and the “sprinkle” variety seem to be favorites!

My initial goal was to have trusses in place and the house in “dry-in” state by the end of the month of November, but we may miss that date by a couple weeks, given the Thanksgiving holiday, schedules with sub-contractors, weather-forcing attention to other projects, and the truss plant schedule itself.    Still, we are making great progress towards being able to have work inside during the coldest months of winter.

For those wanting to volunteer on this project, please call Theresa at the office, or my cell during work hours, and make plans so that I can have work and proper materials available for your time commitment.   Regular work hours are Tuesday’s thru Saturdays, but these next couple weeks (until the end of November) will see some unusual scheduling due to an out-of-town project that will require the staff’s attention next week, as well as the Thanksgiving weekend.  

Thanks so much for your interest in helping us provide quality housing to those who need a “hand up” towards their dreams.

– Mark Baker, Construction Supervisor  224-1954

Construction Report…October 30th


Once again, we wait on the final concrete work to be done, as mother nature deals us a dose of what is to come in upcoming months.   We should, however, have work completed….cross your fingers….by weeks’ end.  By Wednesday of next week, we will be pounding nails on the project at Wally D Lane! 

While we waited, some of us completed the “hands-on” portion of our Skid-steer certification at the jobsite.   Fred Operman, Fred Haas, and myself took turns running our own (Habitat’s) machine.   We also prepped the last of what we needed to do for the concrete flatwork.  

A quick note….and I know many of you are patiently awaiting the chance to get to the jobsite and help out….I will be gone from November 7th thru the 11th, so there will be no work being done on that Saturday for those of you wondering.    We also will be having a home dedication for the Buhl’s on that Saturday (the 9th), and I will show up briefly for that ceremony, but staff will not be able to fill in on the jobsite.   So your patience is appreciated once again.   

We are tenatively scheduling a critical repair project in West Yellowstone for the 18th, 19th, and 20th of November and welcome help on that if any are willing.  We will be constructing a roof over an existing trailer house and timing is crucial to get it done, given the looming seasonal constraints of such work.    There are additionally two other projects in the valley that we will be following up with in the very near future and also would love to put together a team(s) to complete these as well.   This is a new aspect of what Habitat will be doing to stretch our funds to help as many folks as we can.  

Once again, thanks all, for taking an interest in Habitat’s important work in our community! 

– Mark Baker, Construction Supervisor


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